I’m Moving!

loveheader5And I really hope you come with me!

Love, Bridget is moving to www.bridgetbabione.com. I have really enjoyed my time here at wordpress, but I have a desire to be able to do much more with the blog and so a move is in order.

There is some new content and the next Love, Bridget episode already on the new blog and I really hope you check it out and stick around.

You will have to subscribe to the new blog, as I can’t take you with me from here. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I do believe this move will make Love, Bridget even more beneficial to you, my dear readers (and now watchers). =) I will be sending out one weekly email to subscribers with any new content from the previous week, so as to cut down on the amount of emails you receive from me. Make sure you submit your email in the subscription box at the new Love, Bridget so you don’t miss anything!

Thanks so much for joining me here and I really hope you also join me at my new (and improved!) place.



The Most Important Diet

I said last week that I’d tell you about our last year and a half. However, I had a moment of inspiration today so I decided to do something different. I’m trying to post this from my phone so we’ll see how it goes. =)

I can say from experience that changing my spiritual diet has made a bigger difference than any physical diet change I’ve ever made. I hope you join me as we as we focus on eating the True Food, and I’ve already had a thought for episode 3. See you in a few days!


Episode 1 – New Year’s Goals

DonaldresolutionsHello all!

You’re probably surprised to be receiving an email from Love, Bridget since I haven’t blogged in a very long time. This isn’t a mistake. I have decided to give the blog a reboot and am really excited about some new ideas I have for the future. For now, here’s the first episode of the new Love, Bridget video series. It’s nothing impressive, I just decided to share my heart via video and I hope you enjoy it!

Let me just say, it’s weird to look at yourself whilst talking to other people. Heavens, I make some weird faces. Sorry, y’all. =/ Also, I actually had to use B.I.D.I.A. concerning posting this video. Truth be told, I didn’t really want to put myself out there. B.I.D.I.A. I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to watch me make funny faces and say silly things. B.I.D.I.A. I know that when you put yourself out there, haters always show up. B.I.D.I.A.

I have a feeling that B.I.D.I.A. is gonna play a role in a lot more this year than just finishing a book and exercising.

Next episode I’ll be giving a very abbreviated version of our past year and a half,¬†and where we are/what we’re doing now.







B.I.D.I.A.=But I Did It Anyway